Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mulcair: The Doubting Thomas

Here we have Thomas Mulciar, Deputy Leader of the NDP, doubting the existence of photos taken of the death of Osama bin Laden. This doubting attitude doesn't surprise me at all. The last time I spoke with Thomas Muclair back in 2010, we were discussing the income trust issue and I expressed an opinion derived from my 20 years working as an investment banker on Bay Street, to which Mulcair responded: "You were never an investment banker".

What? How do you respond to that? No Thomas, I am actually lying to you about my profession and impersonating an investment banker, just like Obama is hiding something about the Osama bin Laden event and lying about the existence of photos.

This Mulcair is nuts!

NDP MP Thomas Mulcair questions Bin Laden pictures

Daniel Kaszor May 4, 2011
By Sarah Boesveld and Sarah-Taissir Bencharif

The NDP got its first taste of the perils of prominence Wednesday after being forced to handle two public relations disasters as the newly elected Official Opposition.

While MP-elect Ruth Ellen Brosseau was scrutinized for allegedly filing falsified nomination papers in Quebec, deputy leader of the NDP, Thomas Mulcair, drew gasps when he said he does not believe the United States government has photographs of terrorist Osama bin Laden. He also hinted there may be “more going on,” behind the scenes of his assassination than the U.S. is making known.

“I don’t think, from what I’ve heard, that those pictures exist. And if they do, I’ll leave that up to the American military,” Mr. Mulcair said during an appearance on the CBC TV’s Power and Politics Wednesday.

Asked again whether he thinks the photos exist, Mr. Mulcair said: “No, I don’t think they do. If they’ve got pictures of a cadaver, there’s probably more going on than we suspect in what happened there.”

Twitter immediately flooded with comments about the statement, making the Outremont MP a trending topic on the micro-blogging website. “I almost fell out of my chair when Mulcair said he doubted the existence of Osama bin Laden photos,” tweeted Marc Garneau, the astronaut and Liberal MP for Westmount-Ville-Marie.

In a subsequent tweet, he admonished the deputy NDP leader’s comments. “Sanity check please: Osama bin Laden is dead and photos were taken. To suggest otherwise is a serious lack of judgment.”

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s spokesman, Dimitri Soudas, said that the incoming Conservative government doesn’t share Mr. Mulcair’s skepticism. “The White House made it clear that pictures exist,” he wrote on Twitter. “Absolutely no reason to doubt that.”

The party scrambled to mount a response to questions over Mr. Mulcair’s statement. In a statement, Paul Dewar, the NDP foreign affairs critics, said the incoming opposition party didn’t question the existence of the photos.

“We have no reason to doubt the veracity of President Obama’s statement,” he said. “I understand that the U.S. government has photos, but decided not to release them as they do not want them used as trophies. This is a legitimate concern. We agree these types of photos shouldn’t be used as propaganda tools.”

Mr. Mulcair’s comments were quickly picked up by dozens of U.S. media outlets.

In the same Power and Politics interview, Mr. Mulcair also came to the defence of Ms. Brosseau, the successful Quebec NDP candidate in Berthier-Maskinongé, famous for vacationing in Vegas in the middle of the election campaign and for boasting less than stellar French skills though she now represents a largely francophone riding.

Trois-Rivieres resident Rene Young said he and his wife never signed Ms. Brosseau’s candidacy papers, although their names are clearly listed on the forms submitted to Elections Canada.

“The signature that is supposedly mine is not mine, and neither is my wife’s. There are two signatures on that form that are not us. We don’t understand how they are on that document that allows her to run for MP,” Mr. Young said in French from his home.

Defeated Liberal candidate Francine Gaudet suggested the NDP did not properly represent the nomination form to residents in the riding.

“We’ve found what could be irregularities,” she said in French. “Mr. Rene Young confirms that his wife’s signature on the nomination form is grafitti. So we’re expecting justice to be served in all this.”

While Ms. Gaudet said Elections Canada should investigate the issue, local Liberal riding president Louis-Victor Sylvestre said further action is necessary. “The only thing left for Ms. Brosseau to do is to step down,” he said. “You can’t get elected based on deceit.”

Conservative candidate Marie-Claude Godue told local media a byelection should be called. Ms. Brosseau swept the riding by 6,000 votes Monday night.

Anyone wishing to contest Ms. Brosseau’s candidacy must bring the complaint before the courts, in this case the Quebec Superior Court, said Elections Canada spokeswoman Diane Benson. As it stands, the race was legitimate and the result stands, she said, adding that all 100 signatures required of the candidate in order to be considered part of the race were approved by the returning officer in the local riding.

The NDP also defended the legitimacy of the papers, saying voters clearly knew who Ms. Brosseau was.

“These signatures were collected on a door-to-door basis; we have some of the neighbours from before, some of the neighbours from after, there could be no question that those were the signatures obtained by those people,” Mr. Mulcair said on Power and Politics. “I will make the following commitment to the people in Berthier-Maskinong√© — they will have an MP who will be able to speak to them in fluent French before the end of this two-year term to make sure everything is done to provide full service to the riding.”

Ms. Brosseau, he said, is currently taking French classes.

Another spokesperson for the NDP said that signing the nomination form does not necessarily mean you support the candidate.

“A signature is not a vote,” said Karl Belanger, press secretary to NDP leader Jack Layton.

National Post, with files from Tamsin McMahon

NDP deputy leader Thomas Mulcair lit up the twitterverse with his comments casting doubt on the existince of U.S. photos of Osama bin Laden’s body. He quickly began trending on the social media site, which adopted the hashtag #thingsTomMulcairbelieves to unleash its outrage and sarcasm on the party’s most senior Quebec MP. Here is an exerpt of some of the reponses:

Dimitri Soudas, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s spokesman:
PMOSoudas Dimitri Soudas @CBCPolitics the White House made it clear that pictures exist. Absolutely no reason to doubt that. #cdnpoli

Liberal MP Marc Garneau:
Marc Garneau Sanity check please: Osama Bin Laden is dead and photos were taken. To suggest otherwise is a serious lack of judgement

Conservative MP and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney:
Wonder if Mr. Mulcair has discussed his OBL pic doubts w/ Richard Bergeron, the 9/11 conspiracy theorist he endorsed to be Mayor of Montreal.

Edmonton-St. Albert Conservative MP Brent Rathgeber:
Brent RathgeberThomas Mulcair on Bin Laden photos shows how the NDP in Official Opposition constitutes amateur hour!

@wxwatcher66 Darren Ibsen
And in other news Thomas Mulcair Says there is no picture of the easter bunny the tooth fairy or little green men.

cherylfougere Cheryl Fougere
RT @CdnPolitico: Elvis, Princess Diana and Marilyn Monroe are alive and living in Detroit

@apaulgill Paul Gill
@@charliesheen Check out the #mulcair – this Canadian socialist is saying there was no pictures – comment on #bush not going to ground zero?!

@andrew_black Andrew Black
@maktiga Most would agree that, with so many rookies, we didn’t expect #mulcair to make the first big gaffe

Mira458 Stella Campbell
NDP Mulcair’s 1st interview. #fail

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Anonymous said...

You wanted this election. You guys deserve this.

Anonymous said...

If the Liberals are John McCain, the NDP is Donald Trump.

JTanner said...

And these folks make up 20% of the NDP:

I sure hope we do not hear any more about merger talk.

Maybe Mulcair is from this part of the NDP-seems like a good fit.


Anonymous said...

There are 2 things that I dont like about the NDP which I realized in the last 2 days.

1. French only election signs OK in Quebec, but biligual in Canada)Bloc+NDP French only)
2. In Quebec Jack says he does not support realignement of ridings to better represent population growth in Canada
In BC he says he supports it.

Lets keep him honest...

Off topic...Humour....Jack will be moving back into Public housing, Stornaway...

Scott Mc

Anonymous said...

Mulclair, get back to training your Quebec 19 year old rookie MP's.
Teach them the tricks of the trade of being a MP on the hill.
Make the rookies first motion be
" Where are Bin Ladens pictures ".

Then maybe we can get your rookies to have the income trust blacked out documents revealed, since your party fialed on this whole scam !


Dr Mike said...

The Libs have nothing to worry about from the wild-eyed Dippers as we can see from the Mulcair "foot in mouth" moment --- they are but a few months away from imploding.

Mulcair is supposed to be the "heir-apparent" to Happy Jack Layton.

Like yikessssss.

Any credibility this guy may have had just went poof.

It won`t take Quebecers long to realize they zigged when they should have zagged.

If the Libs choose Justin Trudeau as their new head cheese , it will be all over for Jack but the "adieus".

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

Orange Surge?

More like Orange fodder for the Conservatives. They are already looking like a bunch of clowns.


Anonymous said...

I never thought I would say this but I guess a majority is better than these idiots having a say.

A 21 bartending MP who was on vacation during the election

A 19 year old MP who thinks watching CPAC has prepared him for the game

And now their deputy leader questioning the president of our closest ally.

Is it better than this:

An MP whose former Job was to be a professional Heckler (Rob Anders)

An ambulance chasing lawyer as finance minister (you know who)

A used car salesman (Dean Del Mastro ran Daddy's used car business)

Please confirm this but a Prime Minister who claims to be an economist but really was a community college economics teacher?

If Brent is right about Healthcare, it really makes me glad I kept my US Citizenship.



Anonymous said...

When do you figure Thomas Mulcair will tell Canadians the truth about how the Harpercons duped the NDP into killing income trusts? He knows that the NDP were duped, but still allowed income trusts to be destroyed. This destroyed $35 billion in retirement savings.


Dr Mike said...

Hey GL , don`t let bearded Tom watch this video , it would probably confuse him

Dr Mike

Anonymous said...

Maybe Canada's new seperatist leader:


Brent Fullard said...


Thanks for that clip of Mr. Doubtfire in action!

What a lunatic!

Not only does Mr. Doubtfire/Doubting Thomas doubt that the picture exist, he say's it would be "up to the US Military". That's an even dumber statement (assuming that were possible) since the US Military is under civilian control, namely that guy by the name of Barrack Obama, who happens to be Commander-in-Chief. You know, the guy who lied about the pictures in the first place. Duh!

Anonymous said...

Some things about the official story of the alleged bin Laden assassination that don't add up:
*they supposedly found out months ago that bin Laden was in this compound but yet they waited months to prepare, all the while giving him months to relocate and go to ground again? Instead of immediately flying drones in and leveling the compound with missiles? As casualty-averse as the U.S. military is it isn't that plausible that they would take the route of flying in a commando mission when they could much easier and more safely assassinate him with missiles fired from drones, and certainly if the official story were true then they wouldn't wait more than a few hours let alone several months because the chance would be far too great that he'd leave and disappear again.

*they claim they buried his body very very quickly at sea so that it would both be in accordance with Islamic customs and also to prevent a terrestrial grave from becoming a shrine... but first of all it is only the Islamic custom to bury someone at sea if they died while at sea which he did not; secondly, what would prevent the place where he was allegedly assassinated from becoming a shrine in much the same way as the child-like Americans erect a very tacky shrine on the side of the highway for every teenager that is killed in an auto accident instead of at the cemetary where he or she is buried?

*why on earth would bin Laden have an elaborate compound but only have three armed men guarding him, one of them being his son? Wouldn't one think that the most wanted man in the world could afford at least ten or fifteen bodyguards? Obviously those that would assassinate him wouldn't only send two or three men to kill him but a dozen or more so what did he expect three armed men to be able to do anyway?

*why on earth would bin Laden go to all the trouble and expense to have an elaborate compound built but not have an escape tunnel? In the 40 minutes it took the SEALs to make it into his residence he could have had enough time to escape through a tunnel several times over

Anonymous said...

And key elements of their story keep changing:
*first they said bin Laden was armed with an automatic weapon and was firing at them
*the next day they said bin Laden was unarmed (meaning they shot an unarmed man, which is murder)

*first they said bin Laden was hiding behind his wife, using her as a human shield
*the next day they said that he wasn't hiding behind his wife or using her as a shield

*first they said that there was a 40-minute firefight with the two or three guards that were present
*the next day they said there was no return fire, that nobody was firing at them but it still took 40 minutes to get inside his residence

*first they said that the orders were to assassinate bin Laden, period, not to capture him
*the next day they said that the orders were to give him the opportunity to surrender so they could capture him and only kill him if that was not possible... so which was it? And furthermore, if he was unarmed then what in the world prevented them from subduing him and capturing him? Maybe knocking him out cold? Nobody had a taser? Your average rent-a-cop in a shopping mall has an effing taser and we are supposed to believe that Navy SEALs don't have access to that kind of technology?

Anonymous said...

The most likely explanation, and the only one that fits with the available evidence, is that the man killed in the raid on the compound in Pakistan was one of the "bin Laden" C.I.A. doubles that was used in some of the fake videos, probably the somewhat-less-obvious one whose beard was eventually dyed the wrong colour in the last ever "Osama" video to be released before the C.I.A. gave up trying to concoct videos because even the mainstream media was asking questions about the Just For Men's beard & moustache dye. Only this explains all the otherwise-unexplainable details such as why they were comfortable waiting so long (several months) because he was their operative, the C.I.A.'s latest fake "Osama"; it explains why he had no tunnel and why only three other guards were there; it explains how a Navy SEAL assassin team could think they were actually assassinating Osama bin Laden but not be (because he looks similar enough to have been used in videos).

Anonymous said...


Anybody who will take the U.S. government (by any objective estimation the least credible government in the industrialised world) at its word with no proof should have their head examined. And they would surely be interested in buying my stockpile of magic beans that will grow a beanstalk ten miles into the air. But they won't work if I'm standing right there however, as they will only start growing a few days after I've taken your money and left town. Interested?