Friday, February 5, 2010

These MDs would be sued for medical malpractice if they misdiagnosed tax leakage the way the NDP did

These are comments from over 600 comments at from 5 medical doctors who spent their entire professional careers helping others and are not members of the elite 25% of Canadians with pensions and therefore wisely invested in income trusts as a means to provide monthly income, were kicked in the groin by the NDP and the NDP's utter incompetence and willingness to accept 18 pages of blacked out documents as the basis to destroy $35 billion of Canadians' life savings

Your Name **: Dr. xxxxx

City **: Cambridge
Comments **: I still feel double-crossed by Harper/Flaherty and will never vote Conservative again until this mistake is fixed.

Your Name **: Dr. & Mrs. xxxx

City **: Parry Sound
Comments **: This action, this PROMISE, and this FLIP-FLOP of the Income trust decision has been probably the worst case of political dishonesty and foolish political knee-jerk reaction that I have witnessed in my political memory. As we all know, there have been numerous political "scandals" before, but this one is the top "dog". Not only was it dishonesty plus, but it continues to be so harmful to so many loyal and hard working Canadians who aren't blessed with the "Golden Retirement Packages" provided to you politicians by we taxpayers. This is SHAMEFUL, the way it presently stands.
Mr. Harper, Mr. Flaherty I beg you and your assistants to seriously examine this brilliant "Marshall Plan" and take the respectable and necessary action of implementing it in the upcoming March budget. We voters all have excellent memories, particularly with regards to blatent dishonesty. With it, you have made a huge black mark on the minds of many Canadians- but it's still not too late for a revival. We can forgive, but we can't forget!!

Your name: DR xxxx

City **: Sheguiandah
Comments **: Do the right thing and implement the Marshal Plan before you destroy the income of retired folks. The taxing of income trusts was just stupid so fix it now

Your Name **: Dr. xxxx

City **: Victoria
Comments **: As a Canadian senior who has paid income tax for more than 50 years, I urge the government to rethink its stand on income trusts, and to implement the so-called 'Marshall Savings Plan' in the upcoming 2010 budget. The income trust turn-around was the worst decision ever made by a Canadian government in my lifetime, and that's saying a lot. The stated reason, the tax slippage, was simply not true. I think the decision was made because the government was lobbied by the heads of large corporations, who saw their fiefdoms threatened by the popularity of income trusts. Whatever the reason, it was a bad decision, and something should be done to ameliorate its effects on those Canadians who acted responsibly and saved for their old age.

Your Name **: Dr. xxxxx
City **: Hamilton
Province **: Ontario
Comments **: The Marshall Plan should be implemented ASAP to help undo some of the tremendous damage done by the broken promise to leave income trusts intact.


CAITI said...

We have a cure.....the cure called the Marshall Plan!

Instead of destroying the patient there is a better way to cure alleged tax leakage and that is with the Marshall Plan.

The Marshall Plan will stem the damage caused by the continued takeover of trusts which has already caused 3 times the tax leakage that Flaherty (falsely) claimed was there to begin with.

The Marshall Plan will stem this financial pandemic from carrying on unabated.

These MDs know what to do. Take their professional advice!!!

Me, I am just a lowly MBA.

Brent Fullard

Anonymous said...


MD's in private practise only have access to RRSPs, they have no company or government plan. They are self employed.


Dr Mike said...

This whole trust tax debacle just sickens me.

I was in a group practice for near 28 years--it was cut short when I as 52 when I was forced to retire due to medical reasons.

At that particular age & with the onset of a pile of medical bills that would never go away , I had to develop an income stream & fast.

On Mr Harper`s multiple recommendations , I purchased income trusts--these were ideal in that they supplied sufficient income to make daily ends meet.

Then came the wacking , totally blindsided by a PM who I trusted & who made a specific promise.

From that point on , as his group of comrades dehumanized trust investors across this country , we became lost souls with no constituency.

The group CAITi gave all of us some hope that this wrong would be corrected.

With time even with the hard work of guys like Brent Fullard , we realized we were going no-where.

That is why the Marshall Plan was developed.

No One was helping so it became necessary to invoke our own solution.

Mr Flaherty , Mr Harper & Mr Layton , you have no excuses now---take a look & implement this plan before it is too late.

Dr Mike Popovich

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