Monday, February 8, 2010

Now we know why they call Flaherty EUROMONEY Man of the year!

Your Name **: Diana xxxxx
City **: Calgary
Province **: Alberta
Email Address:

Comments **: I have found that most of my income trust units in my RRSP have been sold to foreign companies. We continue to sell our country at bargain basement prices to foreigners.
My income has been cut in half due to this. and I am afraid I will have to be applying for a old age supplement soon.


Anonymous said...

REALLY - that's not what I call him?!?


Anonymous said...

Mr. Flaherty saved the world economy. The rest of the world has credited him, it is about time his own country did as well.


Dr Mike said...

Too bad he did not consider the ramifications of the trust tax on us little investors.

He has supplied the "rest of the world" with cheap trusts so that they cash in.

He has supplied pension funds with cheap trusts so they can cash in.

He has killed the trust market so that big cheese-head CEOs can continue to cash in.

As far as I can tell , the "rest of the world" , pension funds & the big cheese-head CEOs were not the ones that needed to cash-in---it was the little guy who was using this income stream to live day to day.

Flaherty deserves no respect for this act as his lack of consideration for us was bounded only by his love for the elite of this world.

Once again , it is little guy be damned , you are nothing more than a vote.

Dr Mike Popovich