Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Marshall Plan.ca - 1,000 visits on day 1

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Dr Mike said...

I wonder if Jimmy took a boo??

Dr Mike

CAITI said...

Yes, we had a couple of hits from Whitby, this one included:

Location: Whitby, Ontario
IP Address: Rogers Cable (
Entry Page: marshallplan.ca/

Although you never know with Jim, given he is such a Euromoney Man/world traveler and saviour of the globe from its global financial meltdown. Who knows, maybe this was Jim:

Location: Montevideo, Uruguay
IP Address: Administracion Nacional De Telecomunicaciones (
Entry Page: marshallplan.ca/

Dr Mike said...

Uruguay , eh??

Maybe Jim is a CIA mole??

He sure isn`t an economist.

Dr Mike