Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Letter to CARP

February 2, 2010

Ms. Susan Eng
Vice President, Advocacy
Canadians Association of Retired Persons (CARP)

Dear Susan

Re: The Marshall Savings Plan

Please visit our new website http://marshallplan.ca/ , that received over 1,000 hits yesterday from Canadians across the country, on its first day of launch.

There, on the home page, you will see an explanation of the constituencies that the Marshall Savings Plan serves, and the issues that it addresses, namely:

all Canadian taxpayers, by preserving $6 billion in annual tax revenue that is at risk from the continued takeover of the vulnerable (artificially devalued ) income trusts,

the 75% of Canadians without pensions, who have been placed at a distinct disadvantage as a direct result of the Tax Fairness Plan vis-à-vis the 25% of Canadians with pensions,

2.5 million Canadians who relied on Stephen Harper’s promise to “not raid their nest eggs, by not double taxing income trusts”, only to lose $35 billion of their life savings and lose an essential investment choice to provide monthly retirement income, as a result of that misplaces trust and Stephen Harper’s patent lie to Canadians that income trusts cause tax leakage, as his means to appease the intense lobbying that he received by nefarious parties intent on making Canada less competitive and less democratic.

There you will also see the unvarnished feedback from the over 600 Canadians from every province and territory in Canada who have taken the time to voice their growing outrage at this unresolved matter caused by the Stephen Harper government. Those comments can be viewed by clicking on the tab on the home page entitled “Comments from supporters”. It is surprising the extent to which these Canadians are also expressing the extent to which this presently unresolved matter will influence their voting choices and well as their standard of living.

This is meant to serve as an archive of all the comments that would have been received to date by you as well as the decision makers in Ottawa, and to whom these messages are automatically sent from our website. I thought it was important for the public at large to have the benefit of reading what others, you included, are hearing about Canadians overwhelming support for inclusion of the Marshall Plan in Budget 2010.

You will probably be interested in knowing that the Marshall Plan was named after David and Lorraine Marshall, a retired couple from Cornwall Ontario, who are not only members of our association, but yours as well.

I look forward to speaking with you soon, on behalf of the Marshalls and all the countless other David and Lorraine Marshalls from across Canada who would benefit immensely from the win-win-win solution known as the Marshall Savings Plan and the restoration of a level playing field between those Canadians with pensions (25%) and those without (75%). I will then be able to explain to you in greater detail how this new savings plan addresses Canada’s pension crisis and preserves/recognizes $6 billion of annual taxes that are at risk in order to address Canada’s deficit crisis and achieve the original (albeit false) intent of the Tax Fairness Plan which was to:

- strengthening Canada’s social security system for pensioners and seniors

A cynical, but calculated, false invocation of the most vulnerable members of our society, if there ever were one. Except in the case of the Marshall Savings Plan we actually achieve that admirable goal, along with many, many other worthwhile goals

Time is limited, as the best hope for adoption of the Marshall Savings Plan would be in Budget 2010, which is now only a few short weeks away from being tabled.

Please call me at your earliest convenience to better understand from its originators what the Marshall Savings Plan is, and all that it could be.

Yours truly,

Brent Fullard
(Volunteer) President and CEO
Canadian Association of Income Trust Investors/Taxpayers

647 505-2224 (cell)

Cc David and Lorraine Marshall
Members of CAITI
75% of Canadians without a pension

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Dr Mike said...

I guess now we will see if this group really does represent Canada`s retired People or if they are just a mouthpiece for Jim Flaherty or their advertisers like Manulife.

Dr Mike