Thursday, February 18, 2010

Is this desperate, or is this desperate?

Hi Michael,
Thank you for taking a few minutes during this busy time to reinvigorate our Canadian pride, by listening to the Conservative story  -- Canada’s story.   Our athletes success on home soil makes us think about the Conservatives incredible track record of historical firsts.   
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Thanks for your time.
Mike Duffy


Anonymous said...

Yes, the Duffy thingee is a sign of desperation.

Poke around in the entrails of the latest political prophecies, and you will see that the Con party has lost ground in BC over the last 10 days.

Cons lost ground in BC?

Oh no! how can this be? Did not the Prime Male Uno expose Himself in the BC Legislature and the Olymprick VIP stands? Surely the exposure would cause Himself to rise from the occasions. No?

No! You said "No". Desperate times make for desperate Con-trolls, eh?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Duff

This guy is like watching bad TV or or just plain old defamed TV. Duff really found his gig as a round guy on TV making jokes in a time when our nation is bleeding deficits, job losses and most of all major pension issues for 75% percent of Canadians without private and /or public pensions.


Dr Mike said...

When I got this email from the Duff I figured someone was playing a practical joke.

I thought it was probably that Fullard guy in one of his "out of control" moments.

Or maybe that Dave Marshall trying to promote his Plan.

But no , alas , it was my old buddy Duff just busting my chops again for giving a hearty "booooo" to his appointment as senator of the month.

Duff , you are such a card.

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

Has Tory support hit bottom?  Kinda looks like it, eh?  Even so, you gotta figure that the Tory braintwist is desparate.
Prorogation was spose to give a respite from the Afghan peek-n-poke by yet another incompetent, grandstanding but other otiose committee of the House of Comedy.  But prorogation caused an adverse reaction worse than what some tortured Islamic radical could caused.  The brutal fact is that many intelligent and apparently sane people living in Calgary or even Edmonton think that it's A-ok to break international law, jail children, etc.
And the Olympricks was spose get a rise for the Tory hopes.  In fact, the Harper Tories have fallen in popularity in BC during the Olympricks.
And when the Olympricks are deflated, the incompetent, grandstanding and other otiose committee of the House of Comedy will get back to work on causing a severe rash to the Harper Tories with some Afghanistan rub.  Not exactly torture but darn irritating, eh? 
Has Tory support hit bottom? We can only hope, eh?