Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Has Flaherty become the poster child for elder abuse?

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Surrey, BC

Subject - Elder Abuse.

I recently saw a commercial on television from the Federal Government about elder abuse. If you click on this link it will take you to the commercial -

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The part where the young fellow reaches into his grandma's purse and steals the rest of her money was intriguing. What would you do if someone reached in and stole $35 Billion dollars from seniors in 1 night? The face on that young man should be that of Stephen Harper, and Jim Flaherty when they changed the rules on income trusts, and in one night wiped out $35 Billion in seniors hard earned assets after they PROMISED that they wouldn’t prior to the 2006 election. Here is the video where Harper Adamantly states he would not raid senior’s nest eggs, and put any new taxes on income trusts.

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In a few more months, the end of 2010, those new taxes will be imposed and the incomes that have been received through income trusts will be non-existent. What a tragedy for seniors, and this when Stephen Harper promised prior to the 2006 election that he would NOT touch income trusts, "never to raid seniors hard earned assets". I personally don't know what I am going to do. I personally lost $30,000 when Harvest Energy was purchased by the Korean National Oil Company, never to see that money again. Here is an additional video clip from youtube.

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Bernie Madoff stole $35 Billion from investors, and he is going to jail for 150 years. Harper and Flaherty are getting away with this just so they can keep donations coming in from the large insurance companies, as they were behind this scheme. Who would put money into insurance companies and get a 5% return if you could get 10 to 15% from directly investing into income trusts. I am happy to pay my taxes on income trust earnings, at least I have some earnings.

We aren’t talking a few dollars here, we are talking Billions, and the ruination of many seniors retirement plans. Add to it the income trusts that have been purchased at bargain basement prices by foreigners, never to see a tax dollar from them again, or the one that was just recently purchased by CPP. Talk about tax leakage.

If you start watching the youtube videos, you will see Ralph Klein interviewed, and his opinion on Harper’s Blunder -

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You will also see Mr. Schulich, a learned business instructor on this blunder -

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This entire thing can still be corrected. The Marshall Plan is a perfect compromise. The government gets more income, and we get to KEEP an income.

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Anonymous said...

I lost over 115,000 dollars from the sale of Harvest Energy. I also lost money from the sale of Prime West. I am 67 years old and I invested in Income Trusts in my RRSP so that I would have a decent income and would not have to depend on family or government to support me. Now I don't know what will happen.

Dr Mike said...


What also really sucks is the fact that we have been abandoned by our own gov`t--they don`t gives a rats ass that we are suffering because of what they did.

It`s been tough titties , suck it up , you were poor investors , so get lost.

They just absolutely don`t care.

People need to realize that if they can screw us without a second thought , then they could be next.

They need to ask themselves the following question : Do I want to rely on a Harper gov`t that really does not care how it`s policies affect the lives of so many.

These guys do not deserve the positions of power that we bestowed upon them.

Dr Mike Popovich