Thursday, February 25, 2010

Globe and Mail selects Marshall Plan as one the top ten Budget requests

Not sure why the Globe ranked The Marshall Plan as number 4 as opposed to number 1, as requests submitted by Globe readers for the Marshall Plan received 9 of the top 10 highest rated comments, as voted by Globe readers.

In any event, The Globe writes today:

(4) Income trusts. Easily one of the most requested fixes. Many people also cited the Marshall Savings Plan as a possible replacement. Here are just a few of the many thoughts readers had on the subject:

- Revise the plan to change the way income trusts are taxed. There are plans available that would leave trusts very much as a source income without any tax leakage.

- Eliminate the proposed tax on Income Trusts. This proposal has been an absolute disaster, and the government has failed to prove that there will be any tax loss resulting. In the meantime it has made Canadian Trust businesses weaker and subject to foreign takeovers

- Marshal Plan - The solution for seniors who frantically search for income on their retirement savings is the Marshal Plan. The solution was Income Trusts but Flaherty killed that. Interest rates are too low to provide retirement income and dividends are double taxed in sheltered accounts (RRSPs, RRIFs). The Marshal Plan is a great solution to overcome these challenges for seniors.

- Cancel the Income Trust Tax Betrayal and end the Double Taxation in RRSP's...the Marshall Plan will do both and the government will get a windfall in taxes from happy seniors


Dr Mike said...

Number 4 eh---that is pretty good for the Globe as they probably ran out of fingers at 10.

Dr Mike Popovich

PS---where is our CBC question----I am still waiting.

Daniel Miller said...

Income trust lobbyists have to be the richest in the country.

Polls, full page ads, billboards. Must be pretty tough!

Dr Mike said...


Thanks to Stephen Harper telling me to buy trusts as he swung across the country in his 2006 campaign , my disposable income has dropped like a rock.

I am too old & I am in such poor health that I cannot go back to work.

When you see Steve , tell him thanks.

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

Yahoo! Go CAITI go!

Anonymous said...

To Daniel Miller
You seem to be down on Income Trust Investors. Do you have a better plan? Please let us know what it is? BB

Daniel Miller said...

You guys are all being taken advantage of by Brent Fullard. By his own admission, he is collecting $1 million plus money from all of the financial sectors that stand to benefit. That is why he has money for ads and polls. He uses this for his advantage as the more publicity he gets, the more money that gets donated.

Has there been an airing of the finances of CATI? How do we know that Fullard does not collect a salary like he says he doesn't? I can guarantee you that you are covering many of his day-to-day expenses.

I know this post will hit him hard. Truth does that.

Dr Mike said...


You are beginning to sound "wacked".

What do you want making statements like that anyway??

I think it is time you got some help.

If you need a name of someone who will be able to give you the professional care that you need or if a "facility" would suit you better , then contact me & I will get you the help that you need.

Daniel , don`t be afraid to admit you need a foot up as that is the first step on the road to recovery.

Wishing you best of mental health.

Dr Mike Popovich