Friday, February 5, 2010

Dear Barry Critchley

Dear Barry,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for having the courage and integrity to bluntly state the facts about the "mess and real income-tax leakage" created by the Conservative Government, that impoverished so many innocent Canadians who took Steven Harper at his word when he solemnly promised "...Never to raid senior's nest eggs.." before he was elected, then turned around and did exactly the opposite, eliminating $35 billion from our savings, and then falsely claimed his actions were designed solely to "level the playing field"... and when forced to reveal his calculations proving his spurious claims of "Tax Leakage" shamelessly released 18 pages of blacked out documents as proof.

It is really wonderful to have your support in exposing Harper and Flaherty's lies, deceit and plain dishonesty.


Barry, unlike the CBC and Globe & Mail executives, afraid for their pay cheques who refuse to ask Harper to prove his tax leakage claims, you really have ethics sir!

Thank you also for alerting your readers to the remarkable all- encompassing benefits contained in the Marshall Plan.

I only hope our under-qualified Prime Minister, and our equally unqualified Minister of Finance, have the sense to implement the "Marshall Plan" for the good of all Canadians as opposed to feathering their own nests.

Congratulations and bless you!

Paul xxxxx
Senior Citizen


Dr Mike said...

Well done Barry!!

It`s refreshing to see a journalist with an independent thought.

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your article on income trusts.  As we seniors struggle to survive without pensions it is good to see someone in the media exposing this fraud.
Why is all of the pension discussion about the 25% of Canadians who have a pension plan?  The other 75% of us cannot live on 2-3% returns on GIC's and other fixed income instruments.
The business model of the income trusts forces management to be responsive to unitholders on a monthly basis.  They have to run their businesses well so that they can provide a monthly distribution.  If they cannot manage their businesses to meet a bottom line then they are pummelled by unitholders just like ordinary corporations.
We pay higher taxes on those monthly distributions than the trusts will when they are forced to pay taxes as corporations. 
We have already lost over $1 billion in annual taxes to income trusts that have been taken over by non-taxable entities.  What a waste!
The Marshall Plan is a good solution.
Barry, thanks again for your article on the trusts.
Collingwood, ON

Anonymous said...


Thank you for an excellent article.

Mississauga, ON

Anonymous said...

Thank you Barry for writing about the Marshall Plan.

Dave Marshall

Anonymous said...


Thank you for expressing your views on the Marshall Plan with your readers.

As a Consultant for the past 15 years - no Pension, no Severance Package, no Stock Options, 30 years of RRSP contributions decimated by destroyed Income Trusts, no hope of employment - at 60 the Marshall Plan may not restore my confidence and trust in fairness, but at least it offers far hope more than the Harper Government has since October 31, 2006.

P. Eng.
Unemployed Petroleum Engineer since November 2006
Calgary T2W 0S2 (Harper's Riding)

Anonymous said...

Thank you barry

Your article was excellent and brings forward the importance of pension
reform and the msp is a start,
This was a flawed decision from the start from the harper/conservatives.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your piece that was supportive of Brent's Marshall Plan
initiative. It's an elegant solution to a home made problem.

Trouble is that the problem was created deliberately by Harper to serve a political agenda
and I don't think he cares about the consequences to the rest of us if he believes his narrow ideological and self centered political objectives are met. He doesn't need or want a solution.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Critchley:

I just finished reading your column "Marshall Plan for trusts"
of today and have to thank you for presenting this solution to your readers. Clearly, the enormous wrong perpetrated on all Canadians by Mssrs. Harper & Flaherty needs redress; this plan is a viable option to enable that. The implications should be obvious to even those with only rudimentary financial acumen such as Mr. Flaherty.

Hopefully, those who have the opportunity to enact such a plan are paying attention!

Kind regards,

Anonymous said...


Good article re: the Marshall Plan

I think we have finally found a way out of the existing double taxation flaw within registered retirement accounts as this plan will not only allow trust investors to escape with an income stream still intact , but it can also provide a vehicle for the transfer of other dividend producing entities out their registered retirement accounts & into a registered taxable savings account.

Many of the media will not even take a look at this issue , so thanks for going there---the people in gov`t seem to have forgotten that actual living & breathing citizens were mauled by the impending trust tax.


Dr Michael Popovich
Rodney Ont

Dr Mike said...

Amanda / Barry

Night / Day

Nonsense / Common Sense

Dr Mike

Anonymous said...

Gee there are actually TWO journalists out there ...Barry and Diane. Wow ... Maybe they could give some lessons to Corcoran, Martin and Lang.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the recent article on the Marshall Plan. This is a face saving and tax generating plan (for the government), plus it will greatly help the pension funding shortfalls that will unfortunately only become more difficult in the years ahead.

With your permission I will post the article on (aka

Harry Levant