Friday, February 5, 2010

Cancer can be beaten

I cried when I first read this from the comments here:

Belleville ON: I am 78 yrs old and have been fighting throat cancer for 6yrs and survive on liquids. I do not have a pension and have a RRIF which was totally invested in energy trusts which I was advised to keep invested after the Harper Flaherty promise. My RIFF dropped about 80 thousand dollars and the cut the annual minimum payment in half. The result was that any enjoyment I hoped for was lost for ever.

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Dr Mike said...

What the Conservatives & the rest of the country have forgotten is that real people were affected by the Tax fairness Plan.

Real people were hurt & hurt badly.

These are folks like you & I who had scrimped & saved over a lifetime to assure themselves a good & comfortable retirement.

The Conservatives were successful in dehumanizing the whole issue making all of the savers out to be greedy old bastards who were busy stealing from the gov`t trough.

Nothing could be further form the truth as the people most affected were just Joe & Mary little Canadian.

It is hard to believe that something like this could happen in a country such as Canada.

The Conservatives have every right to be ashamed of themselves.

Dr Mike Popovich