Friday, February 5, 2010

Barry Critchley:: A personal "thank you"

Dear Barry,

A personal "thank you" for your article the other day exposing the facts about income trusts.

As a financial advisor, the broken promise and blind sided attack by Harper & Flaherty's on income trusts had a tremendous impact on the financial welfare of my clientele.

I am outraged at how the conservative government has fabricated a totally false and unfounded lie about so called "tax leakage" of income trusts.

You are one of the far to few journalists that is willing to confront and bring to the publics attention controversial and contentious issues.

I am absolutely dismayed at how the public has accepted the Conservative concoction of "tax leakage" and that the shut down of income trusts is in the best interests of Canada. How for the life of me a blacked out document is accepted as fact is beyond my intelligent comprehension.

BTW this is from a died in the wool true blue conservative and Harper fan (for a fating moment) UNTIL this blatant broken promise and lies were put in place.

Please expose the truth for all Canadians. Especially the tremendous inequity their policy has now created between the select few Canadians whom enjoy pensions and the vast majority of Canadians that are not so fortunate. How private equity, foreign entities and pensions can buy up these great business (cash cow generators) known as income trusts and shelter them from taxes, thus paying very little and usually NO TAX while Canadian taxpayers are now subject to double taxation on trusts within their registered plans.

Thank you,

Name of Bank Owned Dealer withheld

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