Friday, February 12, 2010

Attention Business/Political Editors:

Environics Poll reveals 79.6% of Canadians support the Marshall Savings Plan for inclusion in Budget 2010

TORONTO, Feb. 12 /CNW/ - A nationwide survey conducted by Environics Research during the period Feb 4-9 by way of 1,000 random telephone calls indicates that 79.6% of Canadians from across the country support the Marshall Savings Plan for inclusion in Budget 2010.

The Marshall Plan has been designed to deal with Finance Minister Jim Flaherty's income trust policy fiasco that has caused three times as much tax leakage than was alleged to have existed in the first place, caused by the 51 takeovers of vulnerable income trusts by foreigners, state-owned enterprises and other non taxable entities causing the permanent loss of $1.5 billion in annual tax revenue to Ottawa.

Ironically, support for inclusion of the Marshall Savings Plan is strongest amongst identified Conservative voters, with a support level of 85.1%, followed by NDP voters at 83.3%.

The Marshall Savings Plan will deal with Canada's $56 billion annual deficit crisis by protecting the $6 billion in annual tax revenue currently collected from the remaining 169 trusts and deal with Canada's pension crisis by preserving an essential profit sharing investment vehicle for the 75% of Canadians without pensions and place them on a more level playing field with the 25% of Canadians with pensions.

Full details of the Marshall Savings Plan as well as comments from over 600 Canadians in support of the Plan are available at, such as this comment from Diana in Calgary:

"I have found that most of my income trust units in my RRSP have been sold to foreign companies. We continue to sell our country at bargain basement prices to foreigners. My income has been cut in half due to this. and I am afraid I will have to be applying for a old age supplement soon"

or this comment from a retired couple in Stouffville, Ontario:

"The Marshall Savings Plan is a solution to the least thought out policy by a Canadian Government in our lifetime. Losing income trusts is a true hardship for the 75% of us with no pensions."

For further information: A full copy of the Environics polling survey is available immediately upon request by emailing or calling (647) 505-2224


Anonymous said...

No one is printing this! Fraud!

CAITI said...


You must be referring to Jim Flaherty's tax leakage fraud?

See full page Toronto Star ad:

Anonymous said...

Hey Brent.

How does it feel to pay for a poll where no one understood the question, only to find that not one crediable media outlet cared. At least you got the result you paid for.

Frunger said...

I had doubts that the media could recognize nonsense news when they saw it, but this gave me a little hope.

When the news editors don't know what the Marshall Plan is, I doubt they had any confidence the average Canadian did. Laughable.

CAITI said...


What evidence do you have for that?

What evidence do you have for anything you say, or do you just say what makes you feel good?

Dr Mike said...

Frunger & Anonymous.

The Conservative voters must be real losers according to your assessment as they overwhelmingly supported this plan.

I supported the Conservatives for 36 years & I support the Marshall Plan , so I must be a loser too.

It appears that us losers extend over all party lines.

Hmmmmmm , it seems that you 2 guys are the outliers here---interesting indeedy.

Dr Mike Popovich