Saturday, January 23, 2010

Your monthly bank statement from the Bank of Canada's Mark Carney

Please find attached your monthly bank statement for the period ended December 31, 2009, which indicates that your income trusts are causing tax leakage. As such we are instituting measures that will see your income trusts worth $35 billion less to you and others by imposing a double taxation of 31.5% in addition to the 38% that you already pay for a combined tax rate of 62%

This tax will not however be payable by pension funds, foreign private equity or foreign corporations who will be able to exploit this unlevel playing field that we have arbitrarily created to their commercial advantage and to the detriment of you, all other investors like you, Canada's tax based and hence all taxpayers.

If you have any questions, please get stuffed, as our word is final and you have no right to see your bank statement when dealing with our institution of government and our expropriation of your assets for the benefit of others.

Yours truly,

Mark Carney
Bank of Canada

Founding Member
Stephen Harper's Blacked Out Society of Canada

Our motto: "Transparency is for democracies, which is why we are so opaque, obtuse and eliptical"

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Dr Mike said...

The unanswerable question here is why there will be the 31.5% tax on our trust distributions within our personal registered pension plans (RRSPs, etc) , but there is no tax for trusts owned within pension plans such as Teacher`s & OMERS.

We as civilian trust owners pay a tax but trusts owned by these plans do not.

Care to answer that one any Con hacks within the vicinity.

Dr Mike Popovich