Monday, January 11, 2010



I left a voice message for Andy Bell of BNN and Kevin O’Leary of CBC on their cell phones. My call to Kevin took places at 11;56 am today and was 5 minutes in length.

Unlike my message for Andy Bell, I reminded Kevin O’Leary that he now works for the public broadcaster and that he must act in a way that, at least, is perceived to be free of commercial and political interference, and told him to acquaint himself with the results of CBC’s viewer poll, if he is not already. I told him that it was morally incumbent upon him as a business news reporter at Canada’s public broadcaster that he challenge the sitting government on their unproven allegation that income trusts cause tax leakage, irrespective of what his own commercial best interests might dictate about making such inquiries. Failure to do so will constitute a clear conflct of commercial interest on his part, as he is not without commercial interest in the income trust issue’s final outcome. He benefits from the income trust uncertainty that prevails as he gathers assets for his O’Leary Funds from people who are confused over the future direction of income trusts, making them susceptible to pitches like those made by O’Leary Funds to gather up these assets, in order to earn a fee stream for O’Leary Funds. Meanhwhile the other half of the Lang O’Leary Exchange, namely Amanda Lang has shown great bias on this issue and has shown no willingness to challenge the sitting government apart from lobbing soft ball questions at Flaherty, like “are you sure you aren’t going to revisit this decision” as simply the means to solidify the governments’ position and the governments agenda.

I don’t think Jim Lehrer of PBS manages funds as his day job or practices softball journalism when interviewing leading US Politicians like Barack Obama or Timothy Geitner.

This is what Canada’s public broadcaster, the CBC, has succumbed to. Grossly biased and commercially conflicted coverage of business news and politics.

That said, it is INCUMBENT on the CBC to examine this income trust matter in depth, given their public broadcast mandate, and the deluge of support from their viewers to get this cover up uncovered. I don’t care how many people I piss off in this country, including at the CBC. I simply want the truth. That is not a right that I am willing to cede to Stephen Harper, namely my right to know the truth. I guess that’s where I differ from the CBC. But we’ll soon see, as the CBC is the only thing presently standing in the way of all Canadians knowing the truth/fraud about tax leakage.

I left Kevin O’Leary my number to call. BNN is probably a total lost cause in exposing Harper’s lie about tax leakage. I have not yet passed final judgment on the CBC. The ball is in their moral court. Let see if they can return the volley.



I sent the CBC link to BNN and suggested they look at it to find out what concerns Canadians. My comments are below. – Sean

I understand that BNN will be interviewing PM Harper at 6:20 this evening. I suggest that you review the questions on the below site. CBC has poled questions in "Your Question Period - questions you want to ask politicians". The questions are terrific and the priorities of Canadians is revealing. CBC has opened a Pandora's box and they are ignoring the questions. -- Sean

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Dr Mike said...

The CBC has now moved-on to week 2 to obtain new questions.

Not sure what that means.

The new site to post all new questions is below

Dr Mike