Saturday, January 23, 2010

Stephen: Come out! Come out! Wherever you are!

Here's Willy holding a sign at the Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament rally in front of Jim Flaherty's riding office in Whitby-Oshawa.

Jim hasn't seen a protest like this since the 2008 election, when CAW workers from across southern Ontario staged their "Give Flaherty the boot campaign".. to protest his laissez-faire approach to job creation in this country by dumping their truck loads of work boots in front of Jim's campaign office.

Holding the sign is Willy from Whitby who was one of my most dedicated and hard working campaign volunteers from the 2008 Election in which Willy and I did all that we could to give "Flaherty the boot"..

Come to think of it, why did the people of Whitby-Oshawa elect a Member of Parliament like Jim Flaherty, just to see them prorogue Parliament and avoid accountability?

No one hates accountability more than Harper, except perhaps Jim "It’s not my fault". Flaherty.


Dr Mike said...

Way to go Willy -- great sign.

Let`s just hope the people do not forget by the time an election rolls around.

Harper seriously underestimated Canadians this time out.

Of course in his own smug way I am almost certain he thinks that a god like himself can do no wrong.

Maybe he just thinks that Canadians should get stuffed , get over it & just generally buzz-off.

Hey wait a minute , that is exactly what he told us trust investors after he threw us the deep cold murky shaft.

Say Steve , as Willy says , what about those detainees??

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

The anti - prorogue protests are akin to the Massachusetts upset in U.S. of North America. As my dear brother says - Massachusetts proves there is a God. It is not a partisan issue.

In Ontario, McGuinty is helping the Global Corporate Greed Funnel suck the blood out of the taxpayer and steal the candy from the kids, by signing on to the Samsung Deal for "clean energy". Why weren't Ontario Cos. given the chance to bid on this? and create permanent jobs and BUSINESSES in Ontario? - by and for Ontarians?
Obviously, the loss of a vibrant manufacturing sector in Ontario doesn't matter. Well Mr. McGuinty, Ontarians didn't vote for that. You'll find that out, sooner or later. Just like the HST.

One could almost assume anything, as Samsung is one of the HUGE GLOBAL CORPS. sponsoring the OLYMPICS in Vancouver. Is it a nice little payoff prize for that sponsorship? - NOT TO Ratepayers or Taxpayers or Jobless or Ontario Manufacturers - NOT TO THE REAL PEOPLE WHO PAY THE BILLS ! And just imagine the higher HST on what will be the UNNECESSARY HIGHER rates for electricity! McGuinty says he's looking out for the taxpayer, eh?! McGuinty will help the Global Corps. and the government continue to rape the citizens, because he likes to be in the club that TAKES - it protects HIS OWN personal interests. He wants a future for himself in that club!

McGuinty speaks with a forked tongue - just like Smitherman did/does. What nonsense to purport to support jobs for Canadians by Canadians and thus redevelop a stronger manufacturing sector in Ontario. And all the hogwash talk about not supporting "Buy American"! Globalization now champions Nafta! Nope, the McGuinty Plan is the Harper Plan - SELL Canada out; enriching the few and impoverishing and crippling the Ontarian and the Canadian, a.k.a. the many.

The Income Trust Tax Leakage LIE seems to be the script of "The Book" by which all Canadian governments are deliberately playing: STEAL and SUPPLANT.

JC said...

Triple S


Slither Steve Sleaze
was in the air all over the place.
Lets turn this into votes to boot
Slither Steve Sleaze