Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jack Hypocrite on proroguing

Headline: "Layton wants limits on PM's power to prorogue"

Funny? Jack Hypocrite has no problem with Harper’s proroguing the proof of tax leakage (Harper’s and Jack Layton’s false basis for expropriating $35 billion of Canadians’ life savings). Why do I get the impression that Jack’s only in this for himself, wherein his “principles” are only selectively applied. Making them not principles, but rather opportunist excuses? The NDP’s conduct on the income trust matter is utterly shameful as well as being baseless and fraudulent. Maybe his next job will be working for the ROB.

Layton wants limits on PM's power to prorogue


Dr Mike said...

We need to ask Jack why pension plans got a carve-out & we didn`t---R they more important than us??

Jack would be looking for a pair of Depends.

Dr Mike

Anonymous said...

The leader of the NDP is a disgrace, the CON and the LIB come out with some beauties, but JACK LAYTON is just an out and out liar, who lives on the premise of making a lot of noise will keep in in power, but never be in a position to make a decision that he must support. Just look at the NDP in ONT, when they came to power, they never thought they would win, and after the record stands for itself, a disaster. But LAYTON never does any research on anything, just crap

Daniel Miller said...

Brent Fullard is a disgrace.

He has no crediability with decision makers like Jack Layton, Stephen Harper, Michael Ignatieff, Dalton McGuinty, Tim Hudak, etc. etc, etc. He has relentlessly attacked media establishments that put any idea he may now push in the trashbucket.

The name "Brent Fullard" is toxic and will single handily kill the Marshall Plan. If income trust investors like him, they should know that he is going to lead them to defeat.

Dr Mike said...

Daniel Miller

As far as I can tell , you have nothing to say of any value.

I have asked you repeatedly for information & you are silent.

You are a very nasty waste of resources,

Get lost.

Dr Mike Popovich

Bruce Benson said...

Daniel Miller, just another basket case.

Bruce Benson said...

I used to think the NDP was for the little guy, not anymore. Jack and the NDP have helped destroy my retirement monies at the same time initiate the outright sale of good Canadian Companies to foreign or private interests who get a carve out and won’t have to pay Flaherty’s 31.% tax. Yup, private pension plans get to own income trusts and not pay the tax yet I am forced to pay the tax in my RRSP. Some kind of Tax Fairness eh Jack. I could go on, more later Jack.