Saturday, January 9, 2010

Democratic reform, for dummies

From today’s Globe and Mail.


Dr Mike said...

OMG , I almost fell off of my chair.

From the Glob & Wail yet.

I might just have to check it out again.

Dr Mike

Anonymous said...

Feb 27, 2008-BCer in Toronto

….The problem is, we rushed into a leadership race after the election defeat without ever really acknowledging the deep rot that has set into the Liberal Party, let alone doing anything to fix it. We created this rot, this sickness through years of Chretien/Martin civil war, preceded by years of Turner/Chretien civil war, going back who knows how many generations. A rot worsened by years of majority government with noses bellied-up to the trough, by self-important organizers that put winning and position before policy and what’s right, by a deep sense of entitlement, by a bloated party machine dependent on big corporate donations.

Unless we ever get serious about reforming this party and returning (or, since they’ve never really had it, giving) power to the grassroots then it’s hard to really care where we go from here. Dion will stay an indecisive yet willing captive to a divided caucus running its own multiple agendas until enough of those factions decide their interests warrant an election. We’ll then finally have an election that, at this rate, we’ll lose. We’ll pin it all on the leader, he’ll probably fall on his sword, and we’ll have a leadership race. We’ll look for the most messiah-like, crown them, the Conservatives will begin their predictable attack ads and the cycle will begin all over again. Remember, you read it here first.

Anonymous said...

Harper is true to form..He adores Stalin after reading his books and by the looks of it, applies it to everyday parliament.

sassy said...

Harper reads books (all by himself)??

Dr Mike said...

Yes Sassy , I am afraid so---he is a trained economist after all.

He taught Flaherty that 1 + 1 = 3

Dr Mike Popovich