Saturday, January 9, 2010

CBC aka Charade Broadcast Corp

HELLO CBC: aka Charade Broadcast Corp

Just exactly where did you come up with this list of 5 repetitive softball questions for Stephen Harper? You told your viewers last night that you were going to select questions from those submitted by viewers and invited them to post their questions on a dedicated site, where others could voice their preferences by voting.

Viewers did so. Voters did so. CBC appears to have ignored both the viewers and voters who did so.

That dedicated site has over 100 questions, with the two top questions being on the highly unresolved question of Harper's income trust tax that has caused millions to lose billions of their retirement savings, based on a premise that Harper has never proven, and that we all know to be FALSE, namely tax leakage.

Where is that question in YOUR list of 5 questions?

Your viewers and the voters selected these questions above all others:

#1 Harper's income trust tax leakage lie submitted by Brent Fullard 781 votes

#2 Harper's income trust policy that taxes individuals ar 31.5% but not the pension funds submitted by Dr. Mike: 304 votes

#3 Some other issue; 231 votes.

Why are you not following the procedures you set down when you announce this concept that you described as :

(1) We need your help.

(2) You name the question you'd like us to ask a specific MP about a government matter and we'll chase down the answers on your behalf.

(3) And don't forget to vote on the responses.

(4) We'll select from some of the top-rated comments, and build a national poll.

(5) The top responses will be assigned to CBC reporters to chase the answers, and address during our At Issue panel.

(6) It's your government, so we want your question, period.

Judging from your list of 5 questions you didn’t (1) need our help, since (3) we did vote, and (5) you didn’t select the top responses. Instead you avoided the top responses.

This is like false advertising. Why do I feel duped? Dealing with CBC is like dealing with Harper. All smoke and mirrors. A charade. Says one thing does another. We have been prorogued by the CBC.

What is the CBC afraid of? Exposing Harper for the liar that he is? Harper lied to Canadians about tax leakage, which caused Canadians to lose $35 billion of their retirement savings, and the CBC is sweeping it under the rug.

And you call yourself a news organization? LOL


Bruce Benson said...

Brent I watched the CBC national tonight and they just barely mentioned the topic. I have not heard what the top 5 questions were as picked by the CBC. All I can say is they sure have their gall. Seems to me I said the CBC would ignore the issue. God Damn it, I knew the pricks would do this to us. Am I ever pissed, I bet Peter Mansbridge did the picking. What a pack of assholes.

Dr Mike said...

I just viewed the selected questions---- Holy crap , my mother is a dyed in the wool Con & she would have asked tougher questions than that.

Are we to assume from this outcome that the gov`t screened these ahead of this publication as these are just the same old junk Harper has been answering the last 3 days.

The CBC once again appears to be a waste of public funding.

Dr Mike

Dr Mike said...

I posted this question on the CBC site this morning:

Dr Mike wrote:
Posted 2010/01/09
at 6:48 AM ET

Say CBC , just one question -- why won`t there be a question posed to Mr Harper or Mr Flaherty on income trusts as the two most popular questions were on this issue.

I thought you people wanted us to make suggestions & then agree or disagree in order for you produce your list from most popular.

Maybe I have somehow missed the whole point of this exercise.

If I have , then my apology for complaining.

If not , then where are the questions??

Dr Mike Popovich---Rodney Ont

Anonymous said...

I have noticed since Harper picked the CEO of the CBC, it has been getting a little to cozy with is really too bad.