Saturday, April 4, 2009

Paging Thomas Mulcair

Thomas never call anymore?

NDP Deputy Leader / Finance Critic Thomas Mulcair, from whom I anticipated good things, after I debriefed him in length on the phone after he called me looking for the “dirt” on Mark Carney, proved to be good study as he prepared himself in advance of the Finance Committee hearings on Mark Carmey’s appointment as Governor of the Bank Of Canada , in that he confronted the evasive Mark Carney about whether Carney’s income trust tax had served its intended goal in light of all the takeovers of trusts that it had spawned.

Tomas cited for the Committee Hearings, the example of Abu Dhabi buying Prime West, which I told Tomas over the phone was one of the two book ends of this policy’s absurdity. The other was the LBO of BCE, but Tomas shied away from that. Coming from Montreal, Tomas is no doubt cozy with all the top political salons on Montreal, such a BCE and Power Corporation, where political favours are bought and sold, in much the same way as a cap and trade system.

Tomas Mulcair......where are you?.....have you lost your interest in the truth?.......Carney never answered your question. Since when did you start taking no for an answer.....from a ex Goldman Sach’s bureaucrat with an obvious ax to grind?

You never call me any more. Is that because you no longer have a personal need to use me? Or did you simply lose my phone number, in which case let’s get re-aquainted at 647 505-2224. You are missing out on some real damning material to make you look smart and Harper look like the corrupt and incompetent pawn that he is.

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Dr Mike said...

The Dippers are pretty cute!!

They sent Mulcair out to do a little head hunting about the trust decision but he attacked Carney from the end which would do the least amount of damage to themselves.

Admitting that the figures were cooked & they were duped would have produced a self-inflicted , although deserving , wound from which they would never have recovered.

Mulcairs attack should have raised some red flags as well--surely these clowns were smart enough to see that the foreign takeovers were totally predictable & these people were fooled by Flaherty & his cronies.

i guess the promise to pad the union pension funds was just too much to overcome.

Dr Mike